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What is this $4 order?

What is this $4 order I’m getting?

What do you mean $4 order?

I got a Fiverr order of $4

I got a ‘Spend 20$, get 5$ free’ promo offer recently, probably your customer used something similar, you can write to CS and see what they say, I think someone wrote on the forum about such an issue and got the deducted sum back from Fiverr.


On what gig? I’ll take a look at your gigs.

Yeah super weird, I don’t know why Fiverr gives a discount on $5 it’s stupid

Husband and wife gig

I don’t see how it would be possible to order an amount less than $5. Your question is probably better addressed by the fine people at fiverr customer support. Here is a link:

Fiverr recently sent out some coupons. You can either ask your client or contact support to clarify.

Edit to add: If that’s the case you should ask CS for reimbursement. Someone had mentioned it in the forum prior. Good luck.


No clueeeeeeeeeeee​:woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

If this order get processed then you gonna earn $3.20,that would be a record.No one on fiverr have ever earned this amount at single gig, LOL.:joy:

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I’m not going to do any gigs below $4, or anything discounted. If I wanted to discount my gigs I would have just lowered my gigs prices. Not fair for Fiverr to not notify us as well.


Thread from December 2014 pops up, if you type 3.20$ into search :wink:


LOL…I didn’t know about this.

This is sad. There were a couple of orders that I did not receive full funds for and I emailed Fiverr to see if I can get them reimbursed. If I don’t then I’m cancelling any orders that I see are less, I never agreed to discount any of my gigs.

Basically a $1 is taken off every $5, I haad a $15 custom order that ended to be a $12 gig, yet if you withdraw that amount the it’s $11 left, that’s why you must wait to withdraw to get the most of your gigs

I’m not risking a negative review for $3.20

Right, a happy meal cost more than that LOL. :smile:


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Lol, Fiverr really should get his stuff in order.
It’s the same like one customer in a restaurant gives a discount to a customer on another table and telling the restaurant owner that he has to pay for it.

If a discount doesn’t come from me, it doesn’t exist. Coupon my… :slight_smile: