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What is this about, people asking "We need to test our app in your country", a FRAUD?


I got this message from someone telling me,
We need one reliable freelancer from every mentioned countries. Our project is related to telecom operators. We should check that our app is working in these countries. Monthly payment is 50$. Please only bid if you live in one of these countries

Then he goes to tell me, the freelancer must buy a telephone and simcard, I asked why would I buy, he goes for the project, it is fishy and smells bad fish. Have you had such experience?


There’s no monthly payment on Fiverr.


I understand that there is no monthly payment, these people are asking to contact outside Fiverr, which is against the ToS but my question is, Is this a fraud or spam? To me it is clearly a fraud attempt since they are asking the person to buy a sim card and phone, guessing from them, though they say they company will take care of everything. And they are in the increase in the platform and in other platforms.


Either a fraud, or they have no idea how Fiverr works.

I wouldn’t bother thinking about it too much. I’d just tell them I wasn’t interested (sending a ticket with screenshots to CS is a good option, too).


They know how Fiverr works, that is why they are not so active here, but very active in other platforms, But yeah I did exactly that, “Told them I was not interested and reported to CS”


I couldn’t understand if that guy was doing fraudulity or spamming. Whatever such guys can offer us, what should we do is to inform CS as the proposal goest against the Fiverr’s ToS.

You have done the right thing informing the CS. Let the rest of the part of doing fraudulity ended by CS.