What is this "Custom Offer" spam crap?


Why did I just receive a “Custom Order Offer”? Isn’t regular spam sufficient?


Yes I got one today and went to open it and it took my money right off for $9.50.

Now I’m arguing with the spammer to cancel this Gig that I did NOT want.

Fiverr PLEASE take this off.


For what it’s worth, from the “News Section”:

"Custom Offers for New Sellers

We’ve opened the option for new sellers (with non- level) to offer Custom Offer for their buyers (up to $325 per offer). All sellers will be able to use the current existing flows.

Along with the latest on Custom Offers, non-level sellers will also be able to utilize Fiverr Anywhere, up to $325 as well.

If you want more information about Custom Offers, you can read it here: [Fiverr blog link removed]

Also, you may see the pop up below. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a reminder for new sellers that Custom Offers and Fiverr Anywhere are now available for you."

The highlight being that this is presented as a perk to “new sellers” - Fiverr invites them to spam. The blog post is equally as annoying and confusing.

writerlisaz said:It's a new level. And before this week, I hadn't had anyone message me to buy their gig at all.
Exactly - it's an easy access spam factory. I've only had a few unsolicited offers before, myself, but I suspect that's all going to change, for everyone.


Reply to @miacmht: That’s the existing ‘custom quote’ option. Buyers initiate that with a seller.

This is new functionality that creates a system for sellers to make unsolicited offers to anyone they choose. And at this point, there is not any reporting, flagging or blocking option as with plain old fashioned inbox spam messages.


Reply to @fonthaunt: It functions the same as sending a ‘regular’ spam message to someone’s inbox. The differences seem to be that it is a.) encouraged with a special interface, and b.) there is no reporting or blocking functionality.

Once the offer message is received the only options (other than ignoring it) are to respond with a “No thanks” or a “Request modifications” on the offer.

At best it’s a Fiverr endorsed haggling system and at worst it’s time-consuming, Fiverr endorsed spam-athon.


Reply to @academictext: The offer I received didn’t have any “flag this”, “report” or “block” option, like regular inbox spam has.

I guarantee that I did NOT request any offers!


Reply to @isaacroot: This isn’t about REQUESTING, this is about OFFERING. Sellers can create and submit an unsolicited OFFER to other users.

It is literally an interface specifically designed to submit elaborate spam! When the spam is received the recipient has to option to decline, “No thanks”, or “Request modifications”.


Yes, I received one today too. This is not a good idea! I don’t want to be sent unrequested Custom Offers so I hope fiverr will change this policy.


New Gig Category??


Customer offer spam?

Sorry, I just crawled out from under my rock. xD

But seriously, how are we getting spammed now? I want to keep an eye out for this…


Reply to @maddisont: I am not sure how it’s being used, but on my row of gigs there is a “fake” gig that says “Send a Custom Offer.” I saw something about it in the News section of the forum but I didn’t pay close attention since I didn’t have an interest at the moment. I clicked on it for myself and it pops up a window that anyone could use to fill in some fields and send you a message with a price attached. I don’t get why it’s needed when anyone can already inbox a seller to ask questions about custom work and get a quote but I might be missing something.


Reply to @maddisont: A Custom Offer showed up in my inbox, unrequested.


Okay, I just got another one. Now I’m really mad! I don’t have time for spam in my fiverr inbox. I really hope fiverr will take away this option!!!


Got one too. I also thought to myself… Isn’t the gig proposal bad enough? Now we’ll be bombarded with the “Custom Order” B.S.

bachas85 said: Can we... delete this message... so we don't unintentionally spread the word?
Hmm, maybe I should have thought about that before posting, but let's face it, spammers can smell an opportunity to spam from a million miles away. Besides, we'd have to remove all the 'how to rip-off' threads too. :)


Reply to @kjblynx: I must be having a dim day. How is “Requesting a Custom Order” the same thing as getting unsolicited “Custom Offers”?

maddisont said: But seriously, how are we getting spammed now? I want to keep an eye out for this...
You don't need to keep an eye out. It will show up in your inbox.

I received an offer to have 60 minutes of audio transcribed for $10. Fiverr then provides the option of responding with a "no thanks" or a 'request for modifications'.

So yes, they have purposely set up an elaborate spamming system.


Reply to @itsyourthing: You know, thanks for pointing that out. I went to this link and have been following the thread–and couldn’t get how being able to use Custom Offers with clients who request them is the same as receiving them in my inbox, without asking. ???


Reply to @writerlisaz: I’m glad I’m not the only!