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What is this? Featured Gig with No Reviews?


I have seen some profiles, new profiles with 0 reviews but their gig are features.

One of the featured gigs profiles. This profile is created on June 2017 means 1 month before and they didn’t get any orders yet. But one of the gig is “Best Seller” and one gig is “FEATURED”.
Is this is any kind of bug or something else?
There are too many new profiles like this…



Hahahahah…This is call new fiverr :slight_smile: They are giving SPOT LIGHT for Newbie… If you’re old sellers…that may be means- You gone old - no importance… :slight_smile:

It seems as though the featured badge is awarded randomly.

Don’t be discouraged!


That’s what I was thinking. There are plenty of gigs in the Logo Design category that do not offer anything special and yet they are featured for some reason. I quit thinking about it long time ago. I just focus on myself and my work. Best of luck!