What is this fragglesrock about and why is it sometimes replacing what I type?


I am starting to think that fragglesrock is somehow related or connect to Fiverr. Sometimes when I type something, the word “fragglesrock” replaces it without any rhyme reason. Anyone know why?


Perhaps you were trying to type something profane, say on my most recent thread.

Some sites have global scripts in place that swap out words and phrases.


Reply to @aboredrichguy: Hey aboredrichguy. Nope. I typed nothing profane. That’s not the reason, but nice try. LOL


Reply to @madmoo: Wow, nothing offensive, but I did type Fiverr, only the next number up, if you get my drift. I guess that’s a Fiverr competitor who copied Fiverr?


Reply to @madmoo: 3 exes, huh? I guess we cannot send hugs and kisses to people on this forum. huh? No exes and ohs…


Reply to @madmoo: “oo” LOL


Reply to @madmoo: Curly braces are immuned to fragglesrock’s clutches.


Testing it out: FRAGGLESROCK !!!

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For a long time I have been reading that term on Fiverr Forum. I had an idea that it is something that system changes some specific words to one common word.

Got the answer today. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you write about Fiverr competitors such as o-d/esk free learns her and others, you’ll definitely get that. Just see what they did to the text above…haha.


So…this entire time I’ve been on the Fiverr forums, I thought there was this REALLY awful seller called fragglesrock who everyone complained about, and I thought, “How does this guy/gal keep selling gigs with so many unhappy customers?”


Reply to @happybex: That’s what I thought as well! I thought it was this super seller who got on everyone’s bad sides. Glad to have finally been enlightened. :slight_smile:


haha i thought same about this word. i was thinking that many people complaining about this guy “fragglessgrock” but he is still working on fiverr. i read post past dated like 2012 and there was this word now days still this word :smiley:

it was surprising that how he still working on fiverr but TODAY its clear that “who he is”


Reply to @happybex: LOL!! i must say i had a pretty crappy day, but reading this made me laugh so hard!! Thank you for this!!!