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What is this guys


please tell me what is this red massage guys


That seller was sending spam so fiverr blocked him from being able to contact you.


i am sorry.i am the seller!


i did’t understand what are you talking about.i am not sending any spam.i
work professionally on fiverr.


Here’s my guess at what happened:

  1. Buyer created a Buyer Request
  2. Sellers sent offers to it
  3. Buyer messages multiple sellers in response to their offers, using the exact same response in his message.
  4. The Fiverr system flags the buyer’s message as spam as it is the same message sent to multiple people.

That’s just a guess. Note: It’s the buyer’s message to you that is flagged as spam (that person has no active gigs).

You can select the “unspam request” to undo that (so the message sent to you is no longer flagged as “spam”), and you can then respond to that buyer.


not seller
Buyer sending spam messages


got it guys.thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That means buyer sending spam messages. This happens to me often. Just click “unspam request” and write him.