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What is this happening?


Hi there,
When I started working today I noticed my laptop screen was getting dark.
What is this happening with it? Any idea? :thinking:
Should I be worry about damage :head_bandage:of whole screen? Can it be repaired?
I’m kinda worry as buying new laptop isn’t in my budget,may be in next month (Anjy told me she was purchasing a wonderful gift for me so I guess it would be a laptop,I guess :pray:) but till then will my laptop be working properly?
After uploading screenshot I observed that dark skin was not captured so I’m uploading camera picture.

Any help/suggestion would greatly be appreciated!

Worried Aman


No help? :disappointed_relieved:



Rest your display settings. If it not works go to repair shops :wink:


I am afraid there are no laptop repairing sellers on Fiverr. You better post the topic on a forum which is related to computer and laptop repair. O you need to take your laptop to a local repair center. Hope this help.



Actually I know there aren’t repairing services available here but there must be some who know why does it happen and for how long my laptop can work.My friend told me it can’t be repaired so I’m a bit afraid.
Thanks for your reply!


That’s why I asked you to post this on a tech forum. There you can find lots of people who have experience in such matters.



Why not just google it!


If the black tint is only on one side of the laptop then it’s not a software problem which you can fix by following some procedure. I had blue/purple horizontal lines once on my old laptop which I fixed by disassembling the laptop and flexing the screen carefully. Ater trying 2-3 times it was fixed. I would not suggest you to do that with your laptop if you don’t have the knowledge about assembling one.

Take it to a service center, he will probably do the same with the screen or offer you to buy a new display.

P.S - I like lloydsolutions idea, try that.


You were right, didn’t even took 10 seconds
here it is -


Good old google! The answer to almost everything. :slight_smile:


@lloydsolutions Thanks so much,I never thought about google before posting this thread.
@sanverma96 Thanks for your precious time.


I think the connection between motherboard and display became loose. I’m not sure though.


Something similar has happened to me before. If your screen is getting darker and it’s a relatively old laptop, the kind with a liquid crystal display, chances are the long light bulb that lights the screen up is dying. A good fix would be to just find a new one, maybe salvaged from another laptop or screen with different issues. Otherwise you may have to either replace the whole screen or get a new laptop entirely.

I hope this is helpful.


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