What is this little logo?


Hey guys, I’m a new Fiverr user with around 9 completed gigs, and today when I opened my app, I saw this little T beside my name. What does it mean?
Am I under the radar, or have I done something wrong? Sorry for my ignor ance and thank you so much in advance!


T is your user name first spelling, in this case may be it showed


Somebody mentioned this yesterday - they’ve updated the app, and this bit’s changed.

All I can think of is that it’s a placeholder for your level badge. You haven’t got a badge yet, so it’s just showing T, but your level 1 badge will show when you get it.

Unless anyone knows anything different…:slight_smile:


Lol are you kidding, I’m not that stupid hahah


Thank you! That clears things up I think.