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What is this mean You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!

i want know about why the fiver not send the offers in buyer


I just saw your profile. you sold your gig for first time. but, your customer do not 100% satisfied. maybe, that is why, you can’t able to see buyer request.

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its mean fiverr will not send me the more offer?

how to resolve this problem?


As a new seller, You can not see enough buyer request. also I’m a new seller. you able to see few buyer request every day. don’t worry, just keep trying.

how fiverr send the buyer request again

my first rating is 87% which is buyer give me
what i have to do know
can any body help me

fiverr not giving me the next offer
how to resolve this problem

Yes you can fix this problem. ( must use your computer)
1st) ask the buyer if he can change hes review ( beg for it ).
2nd) go to selling -> orders -> the order with a low rate or star rating. Click on resolution center. And chose that you want to change the review.


If you type “90% buyers requests” in the search bar above and read through the posts they may be helpful to you.


ok i am trying
where the high resolution

where the resolution center?

plz reply i dont know what is the solution

Read these posts and you will find an answer to your question: