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What is this Notification?

Hi there.
Today I got 5 This type of NOTIFICATION. I don’t know what are they.
I can click on it too ?
is that for me only ?

Thank you.

Hey… yes i got the same… But dont know about this. we can not click on that notification. when i see i just ignored.

I’ve assumed it’s a new feature for those orders that you delivered, but the buyer never reacted. I have no idea why we’re not allowed to actually click the message and see what were the orders that were closed, though.

That’s just the auto-complete after 3 days, isn’t it? Nothing to take much note of. One thing that has irritated me slightly is that you used to be able to right click notifications and open up whatever in another window. Can’t do that anymore. It’s kind of annoying…

I can’t find which Order is Completed Automatically :frowning: hope Fiverr Fix it soon :frowning:

Just got something like that today, I think it’s those orders from buyers who didn’t leave reviews so I think that was a notification that the order was marked complete (3 day auto-complete notification). I just don’t know why we can’t click on it. What’s up with Fiverr these days…

I got the same thing but could not be able to click that, hooo.

I think they fixed it :smiley: now I can click on it :smiley: