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What is this plz?

Issue: Order Delivery Violation
Hi sandew123,
To provide a pleasant buyer experience, we ask that you deliver the specific work requested and within the agreed upon time frame. Failing to do so hurts our community and the shopping experience. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will result in a demotion of your current level.

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seems like you delivered on an order page just to stop the timer, without including an actual file you needed to deliver?


Did you deliver the order late?

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yes. I did delivery without files so avoid late


No. Revision delivery have late. but I am waiting for buyer response

that’s a violation of Fiverr’s ToS.

You have been issued a warning, and depending on how many more you get, you may be in risk of losing your account.


but my order completeness reate is 97% why this?

can I send a image my order page for you saw?

there are 2 orders on status revision ( I am waiting for response )

I am not a Fiverr employee.

I cannot help you any further nor do I have access to your dashboard.

What you need to take from this is the following:

you must NEVER under any circumstances hit the delivery button without your actual delivery in order to avoid a late delivery.

You got a warning for that and you may also lose your account.

Order completion has nothing to do with that, I have no idea what the issue you are trying to describe is.

that is all.


Thank you very much! I will contact CS