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What is this problem?

I cannot find my profile picture. and it show $40 but my main balance is $0.


If you will look at the posts before yours, you sill see that this has been going on this morning. No need to start a new thread.


I am also having same problem. Mr_asfanyar profile image is showing in my account…


don’t worry brother. It will be set automatically

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I think this is not biggest problem.most of the member was faced this problem today.

Hi there. Some users may have noticed some recent irregularities when viewing their Fiverr page, specific to profile photos and account balances. We would like to reassure everyone that the issue has been investigated and resolved. It was a visual bug on the site and no personal information was compromised. If anyone is still experiencing it, please try logging out and logging back in.


Sorry to say, but no. It wasn’t just about showing a wrong image or a wrong balance.

When on the faulty page, not even inbox was accessible, in order to get in touch with my current buyer, because the order page was also credited to the faulty user, and I feared using the order chat.

Worst of all, I had no way of accessing my account after logging off. In fact, when trying to, it said it didn’t exist.

So again, no! It wasn’t just about showing a wrong user’s image and balance!