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What is THIS? (Related to Fiverr App)


What does this white badge with a golden crown symbol represents? Why don’t other buyers have this badge?

From our own guess, it looks like these buyers have purchased something on fiverr while the others haven’t purchased yet.


It’s the symbol for a top buyer - you get it on the desktop version as well. Just means they’ve bought some amount (not sure how much) before. :slightly_smiling_face:


It means we were right about. However it won’t show up on our desktop :frowning:


I get the crown symbol in my orders section on desktop.


We got no crown symbol on the orders section.

We have 5 desktops. 4 Windows & 1 Mac. But none of these display the crown symbol. Maybe it’s a problem with our profile?


That is strange!


Anyway thanks for your help :slight_smile:


It means… in the eyes of Fiverr, the Buyer is a King.


I hope that was a joke.


Oh no. Excuse me Gina. That’s just a Sellers perspective :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I also noticed this many times. On my desktop also. Some buyers have this badge and I remember one buyer messaged me then after 2-3 days he also got this but he never bought from me.


Maybe he’ave purchased from someone else and got the badge. This had happened with us too.
Now, we are trying to figure out about the amount to be spent in order to achieve the badge.


NO doubt! Agree! (Lol).