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What is this reminder thing?


Recently, I got a query from a buyer about my charging price of 1-2 articles per week. To reply to his message, being modest, I wanted to write that money is not the concern for me, I will work under your budget. But the moment I typed money, I got the reminder, which is, “Reminder: Never accept or ask for direct payments. Doing so may get your account restricted”. What does it mean? I was not about to violate any policy. Why I got this reminder


Yes that reminder will come up with trigger words as kjblnx stated… words like "paypal, pay, money, even an email address"

If that reminder is there you will not be able to send the message to the other person.


Reply to @ardicus: I think you’ll still be able to send the message, it’s just a warning? I could be wrong. I get a warning when I type “email” but I’m still able to send the message. I thought this worked the same way.


Reply to @vainpaper: I think it does send, yes, but I have seen people on here say that sometimes it puts the message on hold until a staff member checks it. They’ll check it and release it if it’s not a problem, but theoretically that delay could cost too much time. Just to be safe, when I see the red text “light up” I try to back up and re-word. I’m not positive what I heard was true but if you don’t have much time on a gig I’d hate to go late just because of a filter.