What is this say my mom?


first day when I create my gig picture on photoshop my mother say what is this!
I tell my mom it is fiverr gig. mom reply me and she asked me what is fiverr? I give your answer fiverr is a marketplace for every person who are freelancing… mom said agai what is this?..I am shoked …continue I will try to give your question answer…


Simpliest answer, A website where you can get paid by your work. And you can do these work through Internet.


A virtual place…a virtual marketplace from the FUTURE, where you can provide clients with your services.


You do not get any promotion on fiverr for making posts on the forum.


I have to disagree with that. I have gotten clients directly from this forum due to posts I have made before. In fact, they make up a decent number of sales, and y’all know who you are :slight_smile:

You just have to befriend people and talk about fun topics occasionally. No spamming, or horrifically broken English, etc. The same way with my website. I plugged in a Fiverr button onto my site, and I am getting clients directly from my blog now.

So the forum CAN be used as a way to generate sales,it just needs to be utilized intelligently.


So do you think the OP will get sales from her posts?
“What is this say my mom?”


Absolutely not with that level of English. There is a difference between a nicely worded intriguing post, and something that looks like it belongs on someone’s F*cebook page.


I don’t think it will help.