What is this secreate to rank a gig?


How to rank a gig? Is there any way? i don’t believe a good gig always rank. I have seen some poor quality image is in at first page. Some professional unique gig is not ranked. Exactly what is this secreat to rank a gig?


your gig needs to be for services that people are searching for, and if everyone is searching for them, maybe be more specific than the most general which have 1000’s of other gigs competing.

besides that you need to get some good ratings, provide top quality service when you make a sale


You also should ensure that you add keywords that people would use to search for your gig in your title, tags and description. For example I offer transcription services so the keyword transcribe would be in my title, tags and description.


There is no secret because nobody knows how it works. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why bother looking to see what other folks are doing? You can’t do anything about.

You’ve got great images, excellent feedback and lots of happy buyers - just keep doing what you do well! :sunny:


The secret is delivering orders with high rated reviews.

You cant just place a gig on certain placement. The algorithm fiverr uses try to avoid this as possible.

The problem is that fiverr also rank low rated and discrete gigs on top too (which looks to be random, to giver a chance to these gigs).


same here. passing idle day without work lack of rank my gig. trying my best but still failed.


Never loose hope.

Work hard and promote your gigs to social media.

Keep using the buyer requests section.

Fiverr gives a fair chance to everyone and your gig may come to a good position at any point of time.

All the best. :slight_smile:


Work hard and promote your gigs to social media.


Thank you so much for your comment. I always trying to keep up good work.


Thank you so much for your motivation. It will be very helpful for me.


Hey Bro
I have a Secret to rank gigs.
if you want to Know that secret.
First you need to Correct the mistake in Words.
I hope you understand my Point of view.
Thank you
Team HD


That is hardly a secret. It is, however, common sense. If you want to be seen as professional, use good, strong, proper grammar.


Thanks for your feedback. I think same.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Can you please let me know where is my mistakes?


I am agree your Point.
if we want to do long term business so we need to Correct our Grammar and Spelling mistakes.


Thanks for your feedback. Can you please let me know where is my mistakes?


I mean to Say that " Secreate" See this spelling this is not correct.
So we Just talk about this only.
Don’t Take it seriously.
this will correct easily.


I don’t think same. Some low rated gig also ranked.


Dear friend sorry for my spelling mistake


I passed my good time. But few months have no work.