What is this. Why it is Happening


Hello Friends I am Neeraj Kumar I am working as a Photo Editor on Fiverr. I want to know why It is happening. Please look at the picture. One side I am online and other side i am offline. Is it Normal


i just came to here look for the answers. it is happening to me also.


Same here.


Same Here.It’s happening with me also



I have reported this to CUSTOMER SERVICE and the TECHNICAL TEAM is aware of the situation and working on a resolution.


So, now let’s wait and see how many more of these threads pop up! :zipper_mouth:


Same here with me also.


Blimey, you lot can’t be very busy if you’re all noticing a little green dot over work and stuff.

Yes, that was a #notsohumblebrag

Anyway, I suppose I’m also suffering this terrible problem. Woe is us all, indeed.


:information_source: The ISSUE has been RESOLVED!

Experiencing problems with the Online Status of my profile

IT looks ISSUE has been RESOLVED!


Happy to see it is fixed!


Not resolved… It’s a glitch, so it’s off and on. Just observed same right now. For me, I never bother about it.