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What is this? % with Tip?


What is this? anybody who knew what the percentages mean?


I assume it’s easier for buyers. For example here in the US it’s pretty common to leave a 20% tip.


Oh I got it now. That % shows the part of the order. Like it was a $40 order so $20 tip means 50% of the order.


Is this new? i wonder if this will make it less likely for people to tip small orders when they see 100%.


Exactly. Yes I think its new because I purchase on regular basis (voice overs) and I saw it now.


Question is, did YOU leave a tip? :thinking:


Yes, I told him “Work Better” :wink:


Nope. It’s been that way as long as I can remember.


actually I’ve never seen it before. I gave a tip 2 weeks ago and the % thing didn’t appeared