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What is Top Rated Seller Selection Criteria?


I have a question to discuss your views based on your experience on fiverr. Mostly Top rated sellers can best answer this question but I am open to everyone’s view about this topic.

The question is : What is the selection criteria of Top Rated sellers on fiverr. I know Top rated are hand picked people by fiverr but mostly people including me are looking to know what are the things which Fiverr people consider and picked them as Top rated Seller.
Anxiously waiting for smart answers from smart minds of Fiverr Community.


Good luck with that. fiverr will not elaborate and TRS will get mad at you for asking.

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I noticed most TRS either have real photos, cartoon photos of themselves or for designers (such as logo makers) a unique logo they made as a sign of their talent for avatar.

I also noticed TRS and Ambassador’s have a nearly perfect written descriptions with no grammar errors.

Third thing I noticed is gig cover portfolio is eye catching and unique.

No one knows the actual criteria but these seem to be the common theme, along with tons of sales and very low cancellations.


Forget about TRS, why not go PRO? or just settle for a DOER. :nerd_face:


There is absolutely no criteria.

I’ve seen TR’S with 200 reviews and those with 10 Thousand.

It’s a handpick, vetted process that only Fiverr knows.

Keep striving to deliver quality work and hope to be seen by the Fiverr editorial team!



I remember another topic like this that got extremely out of hand lol. TRS is a hot button issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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So those that are not “smart” by your definition cannot respond to your question?

Do you realize how rude a comment like this could seem like to some people?


Some gigs are created AFTER the person is elevated to TRS, not before.

Jon, I hope you know how much I appreciate your constant vigilance. You da man!


It’s all just an honest day’s work. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I hope you appreciate how much fun it is for us to watch you work.

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Well, I am no stranger to the world of entertaining other people. I am a trained actor, after all – Hollywood, independent films, stage, historical reenacting.

I’m glad my participation on these forums provides you with joy and appreciation. I may be an actor, but I’m just me here on Fiverr. :wink:


I knew you were a trained actor. Do you still perform?

I haven’t been on stage or in film for a few years (I got married, and live in a small town right now – theaters and studios aren’t in the area), but I am a regular cast-member in a popular online audio series, so I’m mostly doing voice acting these days. I’d like to get back to the stage and film, but family and other related projects come first. :slight_smile:


I guess that’s the story with most actors; requires luck and connections to make it big in Hollywood. But it is very good that you have chosen stability in your personal and work life to the constant uncertainty of Hollywood.


Why did you say that? I’m not mad at anyone for asking.

I don’t know what the criteria is for TRS that the editors use but I will say this:
I knew (this will sound like bragging but it’s not meant to be) based on my sales volume, and how I was performing here and the level of satisfaction of my clients, that I would become a TRS eventually. I think you know if you deserve to be one. I’m sure there are a lot of sellers who deserve to be a TRS who aren’t though.

I began to feel I should be one about two years before I became one. As I said it was due to my sales volume and happiness of my clients, and the fact that they came back for more orders so often.


Not directed at you. You are always so positive and nice, but there were a couple folks in that last thread that were, well lets say, not so much. :grinning:

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Only to those who consider themselves dumb :wink:

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Sorry Guys if someone really feel about Smart minds
I wrote that word because i think everybody on fiverr is creative and Smart. So i called all fiverr community as smart . I had no negativity for that.



Good reviews above 4.8
Reach at least level 2
Good communication to buyer
And I think It is not easy but you can work hard as much as you can