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What is Top Rated Seller Selection Criteria?


I liked your answer but I already have these things.

So you are looking for some insight on why you haven’t made it to TRS yet?

Just some possible issues if a member of the editorial team were to consider your profile:

A) stock image as a profile picture
B) your best selling gig is a logo design one, yet the main image on that gig is poorly designed
C) your gig’s descriptions just break down packages, no marketing, no selling yourself, nothing great in terms of copy
D) some pretty strong negative reviews
E) indications that early on your Fiverr career you presented yourself differently. so it’s not clear when you were telling the truth but it may be perceived as though you were lying either then or now (he/she)


Wow i like your answer. how can i improve these things?

sure. let me offer some advice since you can’t come up with actions based on my feedback:

A) use an image of yourself
B) get better at designing
C) hire a copywriter to make sure all your copy is in order
D) offer a better service
E) stop posing as a woman if you are not one


how can i offer service better than this ?

Frank + others gave solid suggestions, and you’re still begging for more. :smirk:



I wanna take more and more advantage from suggestions of these experience persons so i ask for more.
But honestly he gave me awesome answer that i was looking for.

Suggesting what is wrong and actually telling you how to fix it are two different things.

Handfeeding you the solution will not help you at all.

Plus I would have to charge you for it. :slight_smile:

So now at least you know what’s wrong. Let’s see how you fix it.


I needed to commit the present post entry to Fiverr, considering numerous sellers additionally jump at the chance to perform diverse gigs as an afterthought. Turning into a best Fiverr dealer/Toprated additionally encourages your post on account of your expanded spending plan, and may even enable you to give posting-related assignments more practice.

As Fiverr takes a 20% charge from each request, and afterward PayPal takes an extra cut, the accompanying tips are pivotal to help amplify your wage on the well known commercial center. We should begin with a few hints to enable you to end up plainly a Fiverr top of the line merchant.

Concentrate on Snappy Gigs

Gratefully, there are a lot of things you can do over the web, a significant number of them taking just 10-20 minutes with training. Test employments may include:

Facebook remarking

Blog remarking

CGI video introductions (utilize, or other)

70-word item portrayals

Speedy picture altering

Longer gigs have their place, as well, yet those ought to be finished at a higher cost. More on that later.

Convey in 24 Hours

Gigs that can be conveyed in 24 hours are definitely more appealing than those taking 3-7 days.

On the off chance that you don’t exactly have sufficient energy, reassess your present timetable and bargain a hour of rest, TV, or whatever else you should seriously think about discretionary. Keep in mind that, we live in a quick paced world and individuals need things quick. Try not to baffle them.

Display your Gig by means of Video

Fiverr has constantly expressed that displaying your gig in video organize conveys higher engagement.

In this way, regardless of the possibility that you decline to demonstrate your face or talk before the camera, in any event make a fast slideshow video comprising of delightful content and pictures. You just get the opportunity to do this once; what’s there to lose?

Offer Comparable Gig Adaptations

Offering comparative variants of your current gigs never flops, as you could possibly contact distinctive gatherings of people with fluctuating needs. Indeed, this is one of the snappiest approaches to end up noticeably a Fiverr top of the line dealer, the same number of others have effectively demonstrated before.

A decent case may be video voiceovers. Is it true that you are bilingual? Offer a similar gig in the two dialects. Same goes for article composing, and video introductions in various styles (easygoing, proficient, humorous, and different sorts of introductions).

Offer Impetuses

Impetuses give a common advantage and everybody wins.

Do you have a rehash client? Make an additional 50 words from your article composing gig on his second or third request. Consider anything you could scale without much exertion, which will then prompt considerably more clients, better input, and more cash.

Use Gig Additional items/Extra on fiverr

This is one of Fiverr’s most prominent highlights, as it’s enabled individuals to make significantly more than a negligible $4.

Fiverr gifts the capacity to give additional gigs to extra valuing. In the event that you offer 200 words for $5, offer an additional comprising of 250 words for $5.

On the off chance that a gig typically takes you three days to finish, offer to convey it in 24 hours for an additional expense. Pretty much anything can go here, and this is the place you ought to get innovative.

Give Reduced Price Custom Requests

While few out of every odd gig can (or should) be offered at a rebate, it wouldn’t hurt to take off $5 or $10 from specific undertakings relying upon their temperament.

This encourages you build up an incredible association with first-time purchasers and transform them into rehash clients. It additionally prompts more positive input, which is critical in pretty much any commercial center.

Advance /share promote

Somewhere in the range of Fiverr merchants make numerous gigs and anticipate that requests will begin down-pouring. While this really occurs as a rule, how about we remember that Fiverr is a to a great degree focused place.

Considering that your gig is never remarkable (let’s be honest), you should treat it a similar way you advance your blog and online business. Consider imparting it to your online networking following, discussion marks, and different groups, for example, Reddit.

You can likewise fuse your gigs into your blog articles (for instance, 3 Approaches to Get an Expert Logo Under $25). Likewise consider dropping your Fiverr gig when visitor blogging.

Last Contemplations

Being a Fiverr top of the line vender will take some genuine work and commitment, regardless of how “fast and simple” your gigs might be. When you achieve a specific level, in any case, you could possibly make a full-time salary through this focused, yet exceedingly compensating source

Disclaimer | I am not native or born English speaker same as Jack ma I learn it from tourist and other people .If English is tough use dictionary like oxford , and google synonym
Disclaimer 2 | Article has copy right of sharing only for fiverr user"yourfavourite" So do not think of sharing it on linkindin, Quora ,fb,tumlbr,blogger,vk,g+, Flick youtube vimeo,ask,last sound cloud twitter because I already did it .


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There are no specific criteria. It’s fully depended on those highly qualified editorial team. Someone with 10K+ 5star review can’t qualify where another seller from the same category with 300-400 reviews can get the TRS status.


Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
Exceptional customer care
Have a low cancellation rate
Community leadership
Volume of sales

Fiverr editorial team will manually pick-up

That is what Academy says :grin:


I have been having a question mark in regards to the volume of sales needed in order for the editorial team to consider as a seller for TRS… Would anyone be willing to share their monthly gross income at the moment or around the moment they have been chosen for that premium badge?