What is transcription?


Transcription involves listening to a recording of something and typing the contents up into a document, which is then returned to the client, giving them a written record of what’s on the recording.
There are two methods of transcription: dictation typing of correspondence and reports, and focus group and interview transcription.
Dictation typing is one person dictating and interview transcription is of two people or more.
Transcription is one of the fastest growing legitimate jobs in the US. Transcription work can be a good choice for people who are retired or who want to earn extra income by utilizing their free time.
Business meetings, and professional recordings can contain sensitive data, so security is something that a transcription should not overlook when providing services.
The time it takes to transcribe a recording depends on several factors:
– the speed at which the people are talking
– the number of people talking
– the clarity of the recording (background noise, phone interview … )
– the clarity of the audio file.