What is up with withdrawals?


Whenever I withdraw, it always leaves 1 cent in my ‘pending’ figure. It is really annoying. I need that 1 cent.


I don’t see that problem on my end. But what if you already received all your revenues, and that 1 cent is simply a display bug and is actually not revenue? Maybe it’s a surplus added by Fiverr, and you may have already received all your money… have you checked on your paypal/credit card and does it show 1 cent less?


Wait until the 100th withdrawal and you’ll have a whole dollar to withdraw :grin:


Nope. I was meant to withdrawn $76.60 today. Onlye $76.59 was withdrawn.


Does your PayPal or Credit Card actually show $76.59 balance?


I would suggest contacting support, it sounds like a site bug :slight_smile:


happened to me once, on the next withdrawal the one cent was withdrawn with the rest of the funds


Fiverr says only $76.59 was withdrawn. I have always received 1 cent less than expected for the last 4 withdrawals.


I wasn’t asking what Fiverr says. I was asking if your PayPal or Credit Card shows $76.59, because Fiverr might show that but your paypal/credit might show $77 :wink:


Well, it is hard to tell, because of the Fiverr commission taken. However, comparing it to previous withdrawals of roughly the same amount, yes, I received 1 cent less.


I’ve never seen that before. Maybe contact Fiverr support?


Maybe it’s just to annoy you.

You could ask customer support.