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What is upcoming earning?PLZ tell

I delivered a gig to one of my buyers and it says that after 3 days,the order is completed.I have sold the gig,3 days ago and still my earnings are shown upcoming…Why???Please guide me

After completion, it takes at least 14 days to become available to withdraw. (For Top Rated Sellers it’s reduced to 7 days.) That is a holding period in case of late cancellations or buyer credit card issues, etc.

Thanks fonthaunt…

You will see those funds to “PENDING CLEARANCE” section after 3 days of your delivery time.

And Pending Clearance funds will take 15 days untill you can withdraw :slight_smile:
Nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

how to withdraw my upcoming Earning ? it take More then 14 day or what please Someone help me

@fonthaunt Aw. I want to be a TRS. That would be VERY helpful. I figure maybe I have to update my videos a bit to spruce things up a tad bit as they’re a bit dated from the older equipment I used to have, plus i’m not the best at video editing. I would think for established Level 2 sellers, especially one’s that have been around for four years or so would get a bit of a break.