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What is vector graphics? Why is it so used?

Hi guys, I’m writing this post on Fiverr community to help all those who have doubts or want to learn something through these small posts, today we talk about vector graphics.

What it is: In short, vector graphics is a graphical representation method generated with the use of mathematical formulas and the images that is created have some peculiarities that now let’s see

To better explain what vector graphics are, we must first introduce another type of graphics, RASTER graphics (or BitMap), which are nothing more than images formed by pixels, then the classic .PNG .JPG or .TIFF images, these type of images are formed through the combination of pixels of different shades that create the image, the defect of these types of images is that if you zoom in, you lose quality so you start to see all the pixels, while vector graphics can be enlarged and resized indefinitely without quality loss.

What are the formats of vector images?
The most common formats is .AI (Adobe Illustrator) the most classic format also because it is the source file of the most used software for graphics or Illustrator, .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) are together with .AI most common formats with which vector files are saved, a little curiosity vector file can be modified, that is, if I have an image with the EPS format I can modify it through the use of software, this is also a way to use some 3D Mockup

So now it is easy to understand why vector graphics are so used for creating logos by graphic designers, because if a client needs a 200x200 px logo for a 3000x3000 px image if he uses vector software and the logo has been created in vector there are no problems it can be zoomed in without any problem, if instead we do the same thing but what we are going to enlarge is an image in .PNG format the image will be unusable because of very low quality.

In this small article I have briefly talked about vector graphics, what are the most used formats and various other very useful information for those who have just entered this world, if you want some advice on a software, my advice is to use illustrator, if you want to learn how to use illustrator on learn fiverr you can find numerous courses on illustrator both for those who are already experienced enough and also for those who have just downloaded the program.

From today and all see you soon