What is VIP support?


I have seen in lots of accounts the term “VIP support” what does it mean?
Whats services do you provide in VIP support??


Support for Very Important People? Top rated sellers? :stuck_out_tongue:


what I actually wanted to ask was what support they are giving


I would imagine you’d need to read the gig description, or contact the seller to find out.


That would depend on the gig. I have a VIP package which simply offers an extra fast delivery.


Actually it depends on the service you provide. Most of the people use VIP word to emphasize their “Premium gig package”.

Let’s say you have 3 Gig packages. Basic one is $5 and the next(standard package) one is $15 and if you need to standout the Premium package ($40) you say it’s VIP service package. It goes like that.


Thank you all for your replies