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What is web scraping

What is web scraping
Web scraping is the extraction of information from a website which is then exported to a format which is more accessible to a user such as a spreadsheet or an API.

What is it used for
Web scraping can be used for various different things such as;

  • Scraping stock prices into an app API
  • Scraping data from YellowPages to generate leads
  • Scraping data from a store locator to create a list of business locations
  • Scraping product data from sites like Amazon or eBay for competitor analysis
  • Scraping sports stats for betting or fantasy leagues
  • Scraping site data before a website migration
  • Scraping financial data for market research and insights
  • Scraping video links from youtube, reddit, etc
  • Scraping hundreds of photos from the web
  • Scraping social media posts
  • Scraping contact info of multiple persons
  • and much much more

there are countless more items you can scrape also

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