What is with buyers asking if we're available?!


I have a buyer, or rather, a time waster who I’ve been talking to for over a week, back and forth just asking, “Are you available?” Then I say yes, then, “What about now?” and I’m seriously replying very quickly, the longest reply took about 5 hours. They keep saying that I didn’t respond fast enough so they didn’t know if I was still available. I don’t get it, my gig is 24 hour turn around, just order and it’ll get done!! Then to make it worse they wrote to me saying they ordered from 5 different people already so they’re not sure if they should order from me, because what if I just take their money and never turn anything in. UGH!! Yes, I’m planning to take my $4 and flee the country and live on a tropical island in luxury and laugh about how I totally stole this person’s money.

Okay…done with my rant. :slight_smile:


I’ve had several flakey (and possibly fake) sellers waste my time by cancelling gigs on me or just disappearing. It’s a problem.

If I were you, after the buyer asks a 2nd time, I’d copy paste a one line reply about being busy working on gigs already in the order process.

toonimals said: Fiverr is not built for high maintenance customers!

That's it!


LoL wow… Probably someone just messing around with you. I’d honestly just block them. If they we’re going to purchase, they most likely would’ve by now. Have fun with the stalker X_X


That buyer sounds odd, but there MIGHT be a reason for at least a little bit of that kind of activity.

When I started buying on Fiverr the first two gigs I ordered each had 7 day deliveries specified. One seller did not respond to me until day #5, but did deliver on time. The other NEVER responded to me in any way, and I ended up cancelling after 3 weeks.

So if NEW buyers (or ANY buyers on a tight deadline) have had more bad experiences that good ones, they might be – or at least seem to be – overcautious when placing an order.


Yeah…I don’t know. I guess that COULD be the problem. But I’ve had many previous orders, and all good reviews…many of them mentioning how quickly I return the order. Oh well…maybe if they write asking if I’m available again I’ll just say no, because I’m too busy writing to people about my availability lol


I have buyers who contact me to ask if I’m available, but I tend to appreciate it - especially as mostly it’s for larger files than 300 words, so would be more gigs, or if they need it in 24-hours (although I now have 24-hours express, so people no longer have to do that). But this sounds extreme and I think the person might be messing with you, as @est1990 said. Block them or just say no next time, if you don’t want the headache of it.

Buyers comparing you with others, either time-wise or amount that you do (I do translations, and 300 words per gig and some people do up to 1000 which is insane) but I tend to just ignore that and not be worried if I lose a sale because of it. It’s just a way for them to try and force me to feel as if I have to bend over backwards, I think, when I already do a good job for less than I should be charging.

cincin90 said: Oh well...maybe if they write asking if I'm available again I'll just say no, because I'm too busy writing to people about my availability lol

Yeah, I think they're just messing with you - either to intentionally waste your time or because they are bored. A week is far too long to do the stupid dance, especially with a 24 hour gig.

Cut the fat and focus on the money-making. :)


I have had a few buyers use the messaging system as an instant messaging system. They expect answers within minutes, whether it’s night time for me or not! I simply explain that it isn’t a messaging system. I ask for their question or direct them to ordering a gig. If they continue to use it as an instant messaging system or ignore my requests, I block them. I class it as spam at the end of the day.


After a couple of messages, it they send any more I just tell them I am excited to work with them and to order the gig to get started. Then I ignore any more messages.

I might lose a sale that way, but so far every sale that required more than 2 messages to close has been a bad experience. Fiverr is not built for high maintenance customers!