What is with Fiverr not really wanting anyone to contact them for help?


I am trying to pay a fiverr seller $600 to do a job for me, and the guy has no gig extras. I am trying to contact Fiverr to ask if there is anyway that I can get this money to him without having to pay $5 at a time, but you can’t even write a small message to Fiverr. I think it’s horrible that they don’t allow anyone to contact them with concerns or issues. Either way it will be there loss in the future, because I’d much rather pay a higher price to someone direct than to have to deal with a company that I can’t even ask to give me a call back or at least email me back with solutions. Very disappointing Fiverr!!!


http://support.fiverr.com is what you are after.

You will not be able to do this unless he adds gig extras though.

However, if a guy is offering no gig extras I am going to guess this means he is less than Level 1? Do you really wish to trust a seller with a low reputation with such a large order?

Fiverr Customer Support