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What is with these new profile layouts?

They are beyond horrible and do a terrible job of outlining your work/Brand.

There is no cover photo for the gig anymore and you have to scroll to the bottom to find the seller information.

No wonder people are seeing a massive decline in sales

Why does Fiverr continue to make life terrible for Sellers we are the lifeblood of this website and it’s main source of income.

haha Im with you my friend

If you try to login with Win XP (SP3)+Firefox you still see the old design :wink:

Reply to @dionisaras:

I still have the old Fiverr as well.

Obviously they changing something about gig layout. I saw both versions, old and new periodicaly. Generally, for me old version is better, but in new one I like that we can now see how many people collected each gig.

Reply to @edwriter: yeah i’m sure it’s a bug, with win 8 i see the new version, eventually will be the same for all O/S, its a pitty though i prefer the old design too!

I hate that it doesnt tell you how many are in the queue anymore, I think that helped in the ordering process, it shows people are ordering and can be trusted, which would equal more sales. I think it weighed on whether people ordered or not.

This really belongs in The Ranting Pot forum, or the Suggestion Box forum, not Tips For Sellers. Please review the Fiverr Do’s and Dont’s before posting. The Fiverr team does review site update suggestions, but they won’t find these if they are posted in the wrong forum.