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What is with this new trend of sellers spamming other sellers with custom offers?


Three so far today… People are now just spamming my inbox with offers to promote my gigs, create logos, or write for me…


It’s not new, they’ve been doing it before you got here.

They have figured out that there’s no Report button for a custom offer (on the other hand, if you message them, and they respond, you’ll be able to report them).


All part of the dark underbelly of Fiverr - have a search on t’internet about how to sell more Fiverr gigs - even I was shocked at the scamming/spamming possibilities.

I still can’t work out how to send a custom offer to somebody I haven’t had a message conversation with, but somehow the spammers/scammers have!


Yup, this trend has been around ever since Fiverr introduced the custom offers :sweat:

Here’s something I’ve noticed: the more you’re active on the forum, the higher the chances to be seen by spammers who cannot wait to show you their shiny, unbeatable, one-of-a-kind-not offers!

Paul, consider yourself lucky for not having seen the early stages of this feature, when sellers would receive the offer email and as soon as they’d click on the big button to open the offer they’d realize an order had already been placed, thus having to force cancel it :dizzy_face:


Yeah very true…I remember those days…:slight_smile: @paulmaplesden More are coming LOLZ as you are very much active on forum and People thought you may helpful regarding this…


I wonder if my monitor screen is resistant to having bricks thrown at it?


If you ask them what they are playing at you usually get a reply along the lines of “I can’t mek sell please give me order”