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What is with unrelated buyer request offers?


I made a request for a service recently, out of the 7 people that suggested an offer, four are not even close to relevant in regards to what I am looking for. Is there a way to report or at least flag these people? It’s kind of frustrating.


You should voice your concerns to Customer Service. They have recently modified their Buyer Requests feature to exclude communications with sellers unless the potential buyer contacts the offering seller first. In addition to that they have placed restrictions on which of the Gigs the seller can choose when offering a Gig. The end result is that sellers just throw offers at the requests hoping that some of them will stick.


I agree. This totally falls on Fiverr. If I have a gig that is related to your request but you chose a different category and subcategory from the one my gig falls under, then I cannot send you my very relevant gig. What ends up happening is the system selects other unrelated gigs for me to offer you. With Fiverr removing the ability to contact buyers, I can no longer write a follow up message letting you know that I have exactly what you’re looking for. All I can hope is that you notice the mismatch, look through my gigs, and recognize the relevant one that I have.

Fiverr says they removed the ability to contact posters because of spam. As you can see, it has turned into spam of a different kind. I can now spam you with unrelated gigs. Frustrating for everyone. So yes, Fiverr is to blame for that. :slight_smile:


@ricksper: I am more of a seller rather than a buyer, but if I don’t have the relevant gig to choose from I simply just don’t spam them with a random gig. I can see why some users do… obviously they should give their “buyer requests” a look-over in regards to a more broad way to choose a gig to send to the one requesting it. Perhaps via “keyword relevance” might help a lot. For example with content writing I often see people looking for, I want to send my gig but that particular category is rarely chosen. If they mentioned the word “article” for example, that could then trigger “said” gigs.

@cheezees: I actually had a few people “circumvent” that by clicking into the “send offer” getting my username, and contacting me directly. Not exactly the way Fiverr intended, but I don’t believe there is anything in the TOS in regards to sending a custom message in regards to a buyer request. Not sure they would be all too happy if you started doing that with buyers, though.

At first I thought maybe that was the case that they simply had a relevant gig but couldn’t choose it because of the category I chose, but these people in essence as far as I can tell just spammed me with random gigs just because they could??? As none of their other gigs reflect anything close to what I was looking for.


Hi! That is the reason that I as a seller mostly stay well away of buyers requests. I only go there when I am really desperate for an order, and that has been like a few months now.

Though I did manage to get some orders there, it also happened that I wanted to help someone with their resume and my poetry gig was sent along. What is the logic in that? (At the time that happened, I still had both a poetry and a resume gig)

I meanwhile have suspended both gigs because, that way, I was not getting any orders!

I was not even able to select my most appropriate gig myself!

I am lucky that my other gigs are working out!

freelancemm said: I actually had a few people "circumvent" that by clicking into the "send offer" getting my username, and contacting me directly

That will only work if the buyer is also a seller since many potential buyers might sign on just looking to get a job done and do not have a profile set up. So there is no Contact button.


@belgianwriter Yeah, I have had very little success with the buyer requests as a seller. I submit an offer, but 30 or so others submit an offer and mine gets buried(Although my guess is at the rate people send the requests, I am probably one of the few only relevant gigs.) See my post above in regards to “keyword relevance” I think that’s really about the best solution that they can do. It will probably result in a higher submission count, but it should work out better so the user can actually find the right person to work with.

@ricksper Yeah, it’s not exactly an “ideal” solution, but people do it anyways for those they can with. I personally don’t. I am diversifying myself enough so that in most popular categories I will always have something to submit that is relevant. I don’t use it that often though. I think it needs to be worked on a good bit. I have had much more success restructuring gigs than I have attempting to get orders from the requests area.