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What is "Work Sample level update"?


its is showing in my gig performance. can anyone tell what is this??


I do not even know how to find that graph? :thinking:


I think it looks like the latest editing or activation-deactivation of the live portfolio on this GIG.


If you go to “Selling” at the top of the Fiverr main page and then “Gigs” you will find it.


Mine does not look like that. I only have a list of gigs and the Impressions, clicks and so on.


I think you mean the black arrow? No one has that–usman added that as an arrow to show us what he means I think. :slight_smile:


From the list of Gigs You have click on any Gig whose Graph you want too see.


It’s mean that you Updated your Gig gallery. On 26/12/17 you edit your Gig and either change video or any image or pdf in the Gig gallery.

But you should not worry about it. All fine


Thank you so very much! :blush:


Creators1 is right. If today you change your gig tags, tomorrow a box like that will appear above a red dot in the graph saying "12/28/17 Tags updated."
I believe it is there just so you can see how the updates affected your impressions and clicks. If you check back in a week or two and see that before you updated on average you got 10 clicks/day, and after the update the average has been 20 or 1–you know what is and is not working.