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What is Worse in the Long Run; a cancelation or a 1 star review?

I am in a dispute with a buyer because all though I delivered the content on time and the prepper word count that they paid for, I didn’t fill in the template that they sent, and had to adjust the number of words per paragraph to accommodate extra sections. They requested a quote for this:

Home = 300
About us is 250
Products 150 each= 900
Business opportunity=300

Total=2750 words

So I wrote the order for “up to 2800 words” total. They accepted the offer, then sent me a page of requirements for the content. I had two different pages to go off, some things that were on one page weren’t on the other, s it was a bit confusing. They requested express delivery so I didn’t have the time to wait for a back and forth conversation on how they wanted it. So I added the additional parts and ended up with two documents, one blog of 995 words, and one content page of 1873 words for a total of 2792 words. They got all the word they paid for, just divided a bit differently.

So, here is how we got to this point. They sent it back for revision because, although the word count met the requirements, it was not as they specified in the instructions. I sent it back with a detailed explanation of why the paragraphs are different but that all the words are there. They keep sending it back saying they didn’t get what they paid for and there is content missing. There isn’t.

I offer two revisions and they have sent it back 3 times so far. They’re trying to get me to cancel, but they’ve already loaded my content into their website template.

I will refuse to cancel because I delivered what I promised in my gig, it just isn’t as they wanted it. I could go back and cut parts of it out and make each paragraph as they wanted bit it wouldn’t matter in the end. I will have spent more time working on it after it was finished and will still probably get a low rating.

My refusing to cancel is more on principle than convenience. Yes, it would be easier and quicker to just cancel and be done with it, but then buyers like them continue to rip off other sellers. They are not a top buyer and have only made 4 orders in 5 years.

I have completed 255 rated orders and have a 4.9 rating. What would happen if I end up with a 1 or 2 star review for refusing to cancel. The order is in limbo in revision right now while I figure out what to do.

Any suggestions are welcomed. Please don’t say that I should do whatever it takes to make the buyer happy, we will never be respected as sellers if we don’t have personal boundaries that we uphold.


unfortunately sellers can’t please everyone , most buyers that I worked with were very understanding and pleasant to work with , in the end it’s strictly your decision … the review however is going to be visible on your profile forever… and it will affect your account for the next 2 months .


I think you just answered your own question :slight_smile: if you delivered what you were supposed to and it’s really bothering you, don’t let them get away with it and tell your side of the story if the bad reviews comes.


I am in the same exact situation as you and my order is in limbo the buyer is a horrible person and I absolutely will not cancel. Nothing to do with money (I get 3 times from other orders) is for the fact that my work must be paid, I am not a volunteer on Fiverr I am a professional.
My advice, take screens and make your case in customer support, especially that they are already using your content to their page. Make clear to the CS that you will not cancel under any circumstances.
You have so many reviews 1 start is not going to destroy you, everybody have one- just go to TRS and you will see they have too. Also you can respond to that review and make your case for everyone who will be reading the review.


Get yourself a website for circumstances where you have a difficult buyer and you are worried that they will post your content after you’ve cancelled. Place the content on your website and tell them if they post it on their website it will be worthless as it is plagiarism in the eyes of Google and will negatively affect their rankings.

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It depends on how much the money and “being right” means to you. From a purely utilitarian perspective, a cancelation is MUCH better than a bad review - cancelations are never visible to other buyers, and they completely disappear after 60 days. A bad review is visible to buyers, and stays on your profile forever.

Your call.


I always just accept cancellation requests. I never ever agree with them, just accept them - not worth the worry. Had one yesterday. I spent all day on the gig. I used all the information that they gave me. My report was 10 times as good as their own documentation. I have done many of these reports for myself, my company and on Fiverr. And they rudely cancelled!!! Go away I do not want to do business with you any more!!

I had one cancellation from a guy buying his second gig. His reasons were childish (I suspect he was very young). People like that can destroy the reputation of professional people like me.

It gets bad if Fiverr then drops your status which they do. So you do not have the tools (lots of gigs and lots of buyer request responses in my case, and Fiverr then sets low limits for you!) to get your reputation back.

I have done over 700 gigs and got over 500 5 star reports. Too many cancellations can affect your Fiverr status. It happened last year to me and it took me over 8 months and a lot of hard work at discounted rates to get back to the level that I had been before. The Fiverr rule over cancellations is applied over a very short term and does not take into account a long term good behaviour. It needs to be changed.


That is what worries me. I already have one cancellation from last month. If I cancel this one it will be two. I went through this already, like you did. I had two cancellations before that set me back to almost getting no orders until my stats came back up to 100%

I suspect that the best compromise would be that cancellations did not count after you had done lots of gigs - say more than 100 gigs. By that stage you have established your reputation and that reputation cannot be damaged by immature cowboys.

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If it’s a graphic design job, I usually cancel if the client is being unreasonable, because the art is watermarked. “Writing” deliveries, on the other hand, aren’t protected. Once the client receives your written words, that’s it, they can use it freely. For this reason, I hold firm on this gig. Bad review over cancellation. I can always tell my side of the story on their review.

One too many cancellations knocked me down from Level Two Seller to New Seller in no time. But the fluctuation doesn’t bother me like it used to, as I’ve realized that I get far more inquiries/orders as a New Seller than I do at Level Two. I’m not sure why this is.

If your videos are protected upon delivery, meaning the delivered work is unusable if the client cancels, then yes, your argument is true. However, there’s no protection for those who offer writing services, which is why it is the most scammed category.

You spend hours writing X amount of words for a client. You deliver the words to the client. The client then cancels because of some fake “flaw.” You go to this client’s website and there are your words. Congratulations, you’ve just been finessed.

Yep. And again, from an utilitarian perspective, the cancelation is still much better than a bad review, unless the money is worth it.

Let’s say you did the job, the client wants to cancel, and you know the client will use your materials.

At this point, the client is paying you to leave a review and not to affect your cancel rate, basically - you have already done the work regardless. So that’s what you have to weigh. Is the price + not having a cancelation worth a bad review or not?

Let’s say it’s a $5 order, and it will drop your cancel rate to 98%. Cancel all day long, regardless if he is going to use it or not.
But if it’s a $500 order, and it would drop your cancel rate to under 90%, and you have enough reviews to absorb the bad review… maybe it’s best to refuse all the way. He will in practice be paying you $500 for the privilege of leaving you a 1 star review. You will be the judge of what’s a fair price for that.

To put it in different terms, how much would you be willing to pay to remove a bad review and keep your cancel rate above 90%? Once you answer that, you know exactly what to do.

I refuse to cancel an order if I already worked on it and delivered what was advertised. Straight from the Terms of Service:

Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.

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You doing it right. Keep calm and do what you do. They are jealous.


I am still going on with this buyer. I went back and added more content to the areas he said was not enough, yes I went past the word count but I just wanted to end this conflict. I expected a low rating anyway. Well, I rewrote it and send it back and again he sends it back for revision. I offer 2 revision and they have sent it back 5 times, how is that possible?

I gave in on the free work, after explaining numerous times that he got the amount of content he paid for. Then today he says if I’m not going to follow his directions he wants to be refunded. I told him in no uncertian terms, " I will not be cancelling this order." I have put in too much work on a $70 order to just throw it to the wind while they still use my content.

I’m prepared for a 2 star review - and I’ll leave them one as well. And he only has 4 orders since 2015


Cancellation affects level eligibility temporarily. A review stays permanently, and affects level eligibility temporarily.

He’s doing it on purpose so you will get frustrated and cancel. How much free revisions did you offer? Unlimited? If not and he has exceeded all his free revisions, I would take screenshots of your content on his website and get CS involved.

Yes, that is my thoughts. He is waiting me out because his first complaint was not enough words, then it changed to missing sections, then he said I didn’t follow his instructions. I don’t offer unlimited revisions, the most I offer is 2 to long articles, and 1 for articles of 500 - 1000 words. But somehow, he sent it back to me 5 times. How is that possible when he only had 2 revisions?

Buyers can request revisions how ever many times they want, even if they have zero revisions, kind of dumb.