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What is wrong with Available Now?


Since many many days I see Available now says me Less than 5 active order condition is not satisfied, all other condition is tick.

It remains same when I have 10 order in queue, or 4. It never let me use Available now.
Though I was able to use it during the first month when it was released.



. There is a new feature fiverr is testing right now so some have it and some don’t.


That’s right. It still in the BETA mode. I don’t have it when using a desktop view, but I have it on mobile view.


Ahh no, I have available now since the day it is released.
And I used it as well in the first month of release.

It does show in my profile, but says I have more than 5 Active orders even if I have less than 5 active orders. It’s some bug they have.


That’s why @misscrystal said it still being tested. You will see this indication there BETA


She misunderstood it as I did not have got that feature, so it’s not the case that some have it and some don’t. It’s that I have but it always consider my account have more than 5 active order even if I have less.


You don’t seem to get her point. What she is saying is that it works for some, and it doesn’t work for some. It is being tested. I will work sometimes and sometimes it won’t.


Read that message again. :slight_smile:


I mean some have it. Some do not have it.



It counts the orders that haven’t started yet, too.


I am aware of that, but I do not have any non-started orders.
I also have tried it when my order queue goes to 1.

It’s crazy, Available Now does not like me. :smile:


All other remaining order marked as completed?


It’s showing available now on profile page but not on gigs. I think that one of the sellers has developed the website of Fiverr and he hasn’t get paid well. :yum::grin:


I think you should contact CS




Sorry for that, but I will say you should contact CS


This option is in beta version


For your info, “Active orders” means a sum of all Incomplete + Open + Delivered orders.

If you have any recently delivered orders, they are counted as active as well :wink:

I know, it’s wrong to count delivered orders as active, because when you have delivered all your orders you should be seen as Available since you’ll have no more work to deliver. But hey, it’s Fiverr’s Logic I guess.


I’m pretty sure that’s a bug. I have delivered around 50 orders and available now works fine for me.


It is not a bug.

As Woofy31 said it is sum of all Incomplete , Active and Delivered orders.