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What is wrong with buyers requests?



Can someone explain the following situation to me…

Why am I getting buyer requests of Jan and April 2016??

Before I was not getting any active buyers requests of the day, and I did contact CS for this. I haven’t recevied any response from them.
Now this issue is taking place.

PLEASE HELP :disappointed::disappointed:


People can boost old ones - makes them go to the top of the list.

But I’ve never seen ones that old.

It’s possible there could be no Buyer Requests for a given day, but I seriously doubt it.

Did you submit it as a Bug, or something else? Also, sometimes it takes a little while to get a response from CS.

I don’t have anything in your subcategories, but Writing and Translation - Creative Writing appears to be a little subdued lately (only 4 in the last full day). You could also be seeing a crackdown on junk BRs in Writing and Translation. The other categories appear to be quite lively.



Thank you for replying. I’m seriously stressed out here as to why this is happening.

I did submit it as a bug to CS. I relyon buyers request for my sale, and if there are no active buyers request for the day or such old ones show up, what should I do to make sale? :disappointed:


I have no idea how to make sales, sorry. I’m not all that great at Buyer Requests either (currently batting a 1 out of 34).

Fiverr has a lot of bugs. And I mean a lot, and all the time.


Don’t want to go off topic here.

I would strongly recommend that you stop using a VPN to falsify your “Canada” location, because buyers can see where you are truly from.

You have plenty of other misinformation on your profile which you are using directly to mislead your buyers and have them order from you.

You are doing everything a Seller should not be doing on this platform and the reason Fiverr is taking drastic measures against seller’s Quality Assurance.

I hope you pay heed to my advice and be honest in displaying your true self.