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What is wrong with Fiverr? Sales just HALTED (1)

Anyone else having problems with fiverr? After the VO price changes, my sales just went to a screeching halt, no sales at all. I used to have orders every day, and now, nothing? This can’t be just “a market or season related” thing. What is going on?

Keep trying and do not give up.

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Wow, how enlightening…

After editing a gig, it seems to take a couple of days for it to come back into search. Certainly that is what happens to me.
Have you checked to see that your gig has been approved and is in search now?
Edit: Just checked and I do not see your gig in search results using the filters - Up to 3 days, Male, Level 2, Spanish, Online.

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I must say! There is nothing wrong
Fiverr is now using new keyword Algorithm, Which is very good as per SEO perspective and each seller have to now study the content and then target proper keywords which will make your business and gig more unique amongst Top sellers and level sellers! So it doesn’t matters like what level seller you are!
Everything that matters now onward is Keywords and SEO

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I recently updated to the new VO pricing, after that sales just went non-existent, although my gig shows as approved and listed. It’s not good and fair that changes have to impact so negatively in sales.

It takes 72 hours, after gig editing ! gig will start performing normal!

As per my experience :slight_smile:

Above response are awesome, i think you should buy them

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You are right. I just searched without using “Online” and your gig shows up ok.
I have heard this from a couple of V/Os including TRS so difficult to know what the issue is. Perhaps there is some upset in the listings as different sellers have changed and others havent. I believe they have until August 8th to update or they will be paused. Who knows whether adopting the changes early will affect you for better, worse or neutrally! It’s difficult to know.
There are so many variables that can happen. One thing which happened to me was that when I made some changes, the keywords I showed up for completely changed - I didnt show up at all for phrases I used to show up well for.


I see. I don’t want to make any changes, though, since I believe it will affect me even worse. So, I guess I’ll wait for a few days and see.

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I’m dealing with the same problem. Last week I had 3 sales. It’s been a struggle. But- I’ve noticed as of yesterday they are slowly…slowly starting to trickle in again.

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