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What is wrong with fiverr search? Please fix it!



Last few weeks fiverr search is totally broken.

Same gigs, same users, unrelevant gigs and new sellers dont have chance to succes with their gigs.

This is how fiverr search currently looks like.

Yes i have written to support but they still say that everything is OK.

So this is ok?


Did you search for PLR? I think he is the only seller with better ranks, that’s why he is middle of search result


Yes, the search function is pretty much not working. Even in my small niche the top of the list are non-selling, old gigs (a few spam ones) with no rating and have been frozen there for months.

I think ‘no problem’ means ‘we don’t want to mess with the guts of our code so we’d rather not deal with it’.


No i was searching for keyword “articles”


Fiverr search was never good. They should focus on it and try to fix and make it morе accurately.


I agree. It’s really affecting our sales. :frowning:


Nothing is working. I am getting a blank page at sign up for days

I tried chrome and ie. In ie i can see the home page, but if i look in My Shopping then its black!

This is annoying