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What is wrong with fiverr?

I had lot of notifications and messages of another fiverr user , is it a glitch or someone’s hacked my account ?

i am also getting other users messages. refresh your account for 5-6 time. it will go.

I got this too.

Same here. i don’t no what’s wrong with fiverr

same here , i contact CS , it’s Technical issue , resolve soon.

same situation here

Thank God i though someone’s hacked me

Same issue here. Hope it will be resolved soon.

same situation here now what can i do ?

I am having the same issue!

same here as well

same here…

I am getting this too… I changed my ID Password as i thought i was hacked…
Seems to be a glitch in the system…

error fixed… check from your end …

i got same issue…but please notice that you can also try…no errors on that site…

I was a bit confused when i got the same too…but it all disappeared as soon as i refreshed the page.

I understand this is a bug. But this is potentially very serious. For a good 5 minute window, I was viewing the transaction and message history for another user. I refreshed, and it went to another users. This means, that likely someone else was viewing my profile/history too. Legally, this is a huge issue. I hope it was just limited to viewing this stuff and someone couldn’t have created transactions/messages on others behalf.

Everyone, CHECK AND REVIEW YOUR REVENUES and balances!!!

Is anyone missing money???

nothing wrong with revenues