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What is wrong with me?

Hey everyone,

I’ve had two gigs up for about 2 months, and I recently added a third one. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I seem to be doing everything right. Good thumbnail, description, and proper grammar. I’m in the WordPress niche, and I make sure to mention that in every gig for SEO purposes.

However, I can’t seem to get any orders, and my click-through rate is terrible. What’s wrong with my gigs?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Has anyone ever told you that you look like the letter W?

I’d also want a WordPress dev to only use the WordPress logo if they are officially affiliated.

Change your profile pic and create a video showcasing sites you’ve created or worked on. That should get your sales train in motion.


LOL, my face does look like a W.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll change that soon!



If you are fugly like me, get Gimp and go crazy with filers and effects. The more black and white the better, as its easy for the Google AI which rules us all to identify pictures as specific to certain people and usernames. :wink:


Thanks again! I’ve seen GIMP before, but it always seemed to hard… Maybe I’ll give it another go.

Your gigs don’t stand out.

  • Stock photos
  • Standard gig description
  • Same promises (satisfaction guaranteed etc.)
  • Minimal info about yourself, not even a photo
  • And you’re competing in a low value niche.

Change the game :wink:

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OK, I get what you’re saying, except for one thing. My images are completely custom, edited by me. Do they look to simple?

For example this one here

Do you think to an average user it looks any different compared to these?
Or thousand other gigs :slight_smile:

Get rid of the stock photo and upload a case study PDF or even better do a screen cast video showing what impact did you have on an actual business. Cover the business names etc if you want, but this stock photo doesn’t really show any value.

Don’t focus on actions, focus on the end result.

However, changing the images won’t matter much anyway because installing demos is low value niche .
Most decent demos nowadays are basically one-click installations. If a user can’t even do that then they are doomed anyway.

Find a niche that actually adds value to the buyer’s business.
You can keep the optimization, but even that is a risky business. You’ve giving out promises that you can’t keep.
Like 2s load time guarantee. Once you get a few clients sitting on a shitty server and trying to load 20 youtube videos to their landing page, you’ll realize that 2s is simply not doable. And then what? Cancel and ruin your completion rate?