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What is wrong with my gigs?

Hello first of all.

I’m so sad now, because all my gigs did not got a sale for a while…

I’m a lvl 2 now, I started 2 new gigs and drop 2 to suspend.

My 2 new gigs I think are ok, but still no buyers. I have many expectations from that 2 new gigs, because with hard work will do a awesome videos. What is wrong with my gigs ? Tags, category, description ?

I want to quit my full time job if my work here will be worthy. This is my dream right now. I will do much more projects if I can quit and gain some money for few months…

So, can somebody help me with some advices ?

Thank You so much !


Your gigs seem super solid. If I needed a cartoon I would come to you! Keep your head up, it will happen! Best of luck!

Just be patient and keep promoting your gig. Try going on forums, facebook, and twitter, or you can create your own forum or blog with examples of your work to generate customers.

Thank You !

I already bought today 2 promote gigs.

I hope will be better.

Best of luck for You !

I’m so sad. I almost quit my job and Fiverr looks like stoped for me…

I can not understand why…