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What is wrong with my gigs?

I need someone to evaluate and tell me what is wrong with my gigs and can they really convert to orders?



Also when faking your sales, it might have been a good idea to create a username completely different than your seller username.

Try to be honest about who you are. Think of it as a client. You wouldn’t buy something online from someone you don’t trust, would you?

I think you are treating Fiverr as a “get rich quick” type deal… it’s not. It takes hard work, effort and good customer service to create an attractive gig that buyers enjoy using. If you want to be taken seriously and get orders then be professional and honest in your gig description and profile.

Oh, and saying that you’re professional does not necessarily mean you are a professional!

be honest!!

You shouldn’t use fake picture there. You can design an round icon artwork for yourself and use it. Or you can make a cute portrait of yourself to use it. Fake things doesn’t help. Think as a buyer. Every buyer would like to get genuine work from genuine sellers. Until you grow your reputation and portfolio here, try designing a collection of logos and upload it somewhere like flickr etc and provide buyer link to that if anyone want to see your portfolio.
Again, I recommend you to use original work and don’t rely on copied or fake things.

Seriously, I have NO idea why you chose that girl’s photo as your Fiverr avatar.
I know there are many people out there who uses photos of models and Hollywood celebrities, but
this one is just wrong.
It’s quite interesting that you also decided not to create your own logo to represent yourself.
That is a pretty clear indication that you are not really capable of good design work.
At this point I doubt you will get sales, especially when a lot of people notice that girl’s face.