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What is wrong with some of these people?


Hi All,

Today’s rant! I wake up to find a message “Hi” and then the next time-stamp on the next message which is three minutes later “Can you respond please!” …

Do people expect sellers to be at their systems 24/7?

Of course I still politely converse to get to the bottom of the urgency, but really never do, it is just puzzling why one sends repeated messages after no response.



Nothing wrong in it.
He just asked politely “Can you respond please!”
What’s wrong in it.


Well, it’s simple to understand, because your buyer and you have a different timezone, and he needs an urgent job at that time.


My apologies, I see it is point of missing context. Allow me to expand.

This buyer has already placed an order, I delivered the order on time. The buyer in his previous conversations with me has asked the same questions over and over despite me giving the answers.

With that said, Fiverr shows when a person is online and when a person is in a different time-zone thus their status is marked with a moon and the time is shown. Am I being unreasonable in expecting that a buyer should recognize that if he is not responded to whilst these conditions exist, that there is no need to send multiple statements / comments about responding?


If your service is quality.
You do not have to bother bother with buyer response.

Because they will immediately buy


It’s not a matter of buying, as I mentioned the order has been delivered. I am just trying to understand the reasoning behind sending multiple comments in succession asking for someone to respond. I think (I may be speaking out of turn here) but I think, that most of us would respond to a buyer were we at the system. Given this was during the time where I was not online and would have been marked so by Fiverr; one has to wonder. I personally would send one single message and when the seller / buyer gets around to seeing it, they have the option to respond or not.


In November 2017, I stopped responding to any messages which basically asked for a repeat of information already in my gig description. By January 2018, I had doubled my earnings.

In January 2018, I started sending “sorry, I can’t help” automated replies to every message which comes to my inbox, unless one catches my, “mmhh that might be interesting attention.” I also paused over half my gigs. By April 2018, I had almost tripled my Fiverr income.(From November 2017 levels).

You’re not here to chat. Start mowing down nuisance inbox callers with an automated response machine gun and you will start a whole new chapter in your freelance career.


That’s great, glad for you. It’s not my point though, I won’t comment on my earnings as I am more than happy with that, this is just a matter of understanding this perspective of sending multiple comments / questions for a response.

My career here is more than pleasing.


That’s the thing. There is no purpose and these people never convert into meaningful/positive sales experiences. In this case, you just have to close them down and move on. The less time you spend worrying about them, the more productive you will be.


I respectfully disagree, as I mentioned this is an order that has been delivered, meaning it has already been converted from chat - sale. For the ones who’ve done it to me in the past, I too have been able to convert it from chat- sale with high rating reviews, so never say never.

However, understanding why these set of persons do this, may lead to who knows a new feature on Fiverr or what have you, I don’t know, but it can’t hurt to understand it.


I also try to cut down on the time wasters. If I don’t have enough information to send them a custom quote by message 3, I tell them we have a ‘difference in communication styles’ and respectfully decline their work.

The one that annoyed me the most was this lady that wanted me to write about planning green cities. At the time, I actually had an IRL internship writing for a water sustainability non-profit. I told her that, but then was honest and told her knew nothing about planning cities.
Then said I wouldn’t mind doing the research if she still wanted to hire me.

From there, she asked two more times (in slightly different ways) if I knew anything about planning cities. I repeated that I didn’t. She asked me if it was a topic I was interested in. I’d already said that I was.

I got the sense, she wanted me to beg for the sale, which is the case a good deal of the time, when it comes to these multiple messengers. I’m not going to beg for a sale, because I know the quality of my work, and I know that buyers need me just as much as I need them.
I turned down that sale, and I turn down all other sales that haven’t resulted in a custom quote by message three.

Some buyers want to be wooed, and I’m not doing that.


Sounds like we’ve had some of the same buyers.

My modus operandi is that the time spent going round in circles with buyers is much better spent marketing and working for better reviews. It’s also quite shocking how many people explode in rage when you say you cant help. Every time that happens, it makes me even less likely to discuss projects via messages prior to orders being placed.



You did nothing wrong. For vague buyers and messages, I try to ask them questions that force them to give a real answer.

“What do you need?”

“What can I help you with?”

Or I make statements.

“You can order my gig.”

Never lose your cool with a buyer.


I just had a regular client do this. I have been regularly returning his messages for months.

I was seeing his messages on my app as I was driving and finally had to pull off the road and send a message back that I was driving my car and would message him later.