What is wrong with the feature revision round allowed?


I’m a level 2 seller working over 3 years here.
I think the feature “revision round” is getting problem, it won’t work at all.
For example, I quoted a custom quote with 3 revision rounds allowed, the buyer can “ask modification request” 6,7, 8 times, and I guess, it’s actually UNLIMITED.
Fiverr admins, please fix this asap to save us! Some buyer will ask for modification forever until we cancel the order and refund them - and yes, they get a free work!


You make a good point. This is why communication with your buyer is so important. Lately there have been some posts from sellers mentioning buyers who request too many endless revisions.

If you only offer 3 revisions politely message your buyer letting him know that he has reached your stated limit and he must now accept the delivery.