What is wrong with them?


This week I had about 20 new orders. Half of them were delivered late, or minutes before their expiration. One was cancelled. All of them, due to buyer late responses. I had buyers that did not respond to my (too many) messages until it was too late. I’ve spent many hours that I don’t do anything all day, but refreshing my page every 10 minutes to see if some person who does not care for me or my rating has spent 30 seconds from their ‘precious’ time to send me a message.

Buyers from all over the world, please, DON’T do that. If you buy a gig and you know it will expire in 3 days, please make sure you log in to fiverr AT LEAST 1 time/day!

And no excuses about being ‘too busy’, everyone has 30 seconds to spare.


yes, but, Fiverr says that if we cancel too many gigs it will have a negative effect on us.

If I did cancel the 50% of my orders in a week, would I still be in the first page of search results? Would I be 100% rated?


what i Do is …

Just send then a message with mutual cancellation …

and tell him

please send proper details …



----thank you


Reply to @shariful: Thats what I do, it either gets their attention or the gig cancels. Enuf said, its a pain but to prevent problems it is needed


Reply to @nancy_chr: you are not going to cancel it …but you are sending them a message with a cancellation .

so it will make a attention to the buyer …

if you see ! the buyer dont do any replay .

just make a delivery .

with ! I am still waiting for your replay .

Finished !..you will see ! he replay in second …



It has happened to me, one buyer was not responding, and I sent him a message like that and he responded after 10 minutes. SO, they’re doing it on purpose? To get the file and then cancel the order??


Don’t you hate it when that happens…


Reply to @nancy_chr: Nancy, I feel your pain, but the right thing to do is email Customer Support and tell them that the buyer has not responded and you have one day to deliver. There is a menu choice on the Customer Support’s helpdesk page saying something like “I am a Seller And The Buyer Has Not Responded”. They will advise you.

I do not like doing a mutual cancellation since I would lose a sale. I am on Fiverr to sell my talents and if buyers do not respond, it would defeat the purpose.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I never had to do that, but I thought I read that somewhere on helpdesk page. I am not making that up, but if I am wrong, I will retract that from my post.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: No, I read it and it was good to know. It wouldn’t be a bad thing since sellers cannot deliver until the buyer has responded when there are instructions added. I wonder if the instructions from sellers should be a mandatory field so buyers have to respond. It may solve some issues.

By the way, we look good in that video!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Like I said on the video, the forum has evolved Fiverr from a marketplace into a community.

Let me look for that. I may have just found it on the forum from someone asking about stopping the clock, but I also don’t want to mislead anyone either, so I just revised it.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Good advice from an young bitty grandma (I never call women old. I learned the hard way LOL)


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

What I offer on fiverr is graphics gigs. the buyer HAS to approve the design before I close the order.

The way I work is:

-Buyer orders a banner

-They send me the info

-I send them a design sample for approval

-If they don’t like it I offer some revisions

-If they approve it they send me a message saying that it is good and they like it (this protects me from future unfair negative ratings)

-I prepare the final files and I send them all again for approval

Once they are approved I close the order.

In my case, what happened was:

-A buyer buys my banner ad gig

-Sends me some info but not enough, such as the size of the banner ad they want. If I don’t know the size, I cannot start working

-I send the buyer many messages explaining I cannot start working if I don’t know the size they want

-Buyer replies 5 hours before order expiration (my gig delivery time is 5 days!)

-I send them a low quality sample image

-buyer never responds again and I cancel order

Result: The buyer has the banner which he can easily copy and he is refunded too.


Reply to @nancy_chr: watermarks don’t do much, every photoshop expert knows that


Reply to @nancy_chr: Nancy, I think one suggestion I have for you is to have a generic banner for these cases and send them on the last day. The generic banner will have one dimension of width and height and it will say something to the effect of “Thank you for ordering my banner, please respond so we can change this”. Also, state that in your gig’s description.

This strategy would make a buyer take notice and maybe contact you.



Reply to @hotwebideas: That is actually a great idea :slight_smile:

Still, buyers need to know somehow that we have a time limit. A buyer who was late sent me a message 4 days after I closed the order (9 days after he ordered) telling me that he did not know that there was a time limit.

This buyer by the way, did purchase my gig extra option for extra fast delivery…

nancy_chr said: This buyer by the way, did purchase my gig extra option for extra fast delivery...

That makes no sense. LOL :-))


Reply to @hotwebideas: I know…


Reply to @nancy_chr: Nancy, what do you think of this idea: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/1639/great-suggestion-on-getting-buyers-to-send-the-full-details-sellers-need-form-maker


But, I already do what you propose in my gig instructions to buyers…

They’re all like:

Hi, thank you for ordering, here’s what I need to start:






What more can be done? :-?