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What is wrong with you designers?


I got a serious question for all you designer on here number one why are yall selling your great talent for $5? Serious $5 logo designs is sad. There are multi-million dollar companies getting paid off yall work while you busting your but for $5. Seriously this site is BS this is the reason the designer market is not even the top 10 anymore as the best field to go into for career. Why hire a graphic designer when we can go to a site like fiverr and get a designer to work hard for $5 smh. I’m just being honest.


Um, don’t you have a new gig to sell logo designs?


Great, If you spamming fiverr why you want to do same for $5?


Its a starting point and is a lot better than bidding; in my case anyway.


Well, @caseydiggs, what’s wrong with YOU? Why are YOU selling logos (or as suggested above, spamming the forum) for $5 ?

Although the gig description is quite thin, so it’s hard to tell WHAT a buyer will actually get for $5.


I’d find your point very valid if you weren’t doing the same. :confused:

But it’s ruining the market, yes. Logo for $5 (or even two logos) is a nonsense.



I am agreeing on you. Too bad not everybody has the option to sell his or hers logo for a million. So that’s why people with talent but maybe didn’t get the change or has a handicap or something else? is selling their “talent” at Fiverr. Maybe that gives you another prospective.


I think the answer is simple. First of all, the price is almost never $5. People always order a ton of extras. Up to $900 orders I have seen. Sadly not for myself yet, lol.

Secondly, to become a millionaire logo designer, one needs looots of work exprience. Fiverr is a great way to get lots of experience and tons of sample work to show off when going hardcore and rising logo design prices to tens of thousands, or more.

But most sellers will never reach that. There was an interesting thread here where someone tested many logo gigs, and they were ALL copycat logos. Logo itself was always stolen from some other logo, but altered a bit.


Believe me boy, designers earn a lot more than that 5$ :smiley: (including me)


CaseDigs, why does Walmart sells for less than everybody else? Because making $1 a million times is greater than making $100 once. SMART designers know Fiverr is all about VOLUME. If you were doing 100 orders a day, that would be $400 without the gig extras. If you can do the logo in 5-10 minutes, that’s a lot of money for hardly any work.

This site is not BS, I’m not a designer, but this site has allowed me to make $500 to $1,000 a month, that’s not BS. That’s extra money I can use to buy the things I want. Others are making a living on Fiverr. If you can net $400 a day, that’s $12,400 in 31 days. Do you know a lot of jobs that pay $10,000 a month? I don’t.


because it’s hard to get jobs, plus some people like to do it as a fun thing in their own time.

we cannot all be paying very high rates because there ae people in the world who cannot afford to pay 1000 £/$ to get a logo or a drawing for a simple 5 day project.

also while making these $5 logos you get experience with customers on how people like things done.

but everyone should understand that you won’t get a 1000 £/$ quality service with a $5 gig.


also some artist get better money here. because they can do the job at their own time at home. plus it’s hard to make money outside and tend to be expensive because the ways you promote yourself. here you are getting a lot of orders therefore more money.