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What is you Orders Completion Score? Mine 94%


What is you Orders Completion Score? Mine 94%


100% :joy::joy:
As i did no orders praying to get my first one which i will get soon i beg


Mine was at 69% at some point lol


Wow! That could be because the area in which you work it is kind of subjective. Some people goes to clairvoyants to ask for things near to the impossible, when they do not get what they want, bam! Bad review or cancellation.


I rarely get cancellations. The only time there is a cancellation is when I cannot pick up their energies (they are either extremely stressed out, angry, etc.)
The reason why buyers don’t tend to leave a bad review or cancel is because they WANT to find a good Psychic to go to when they need help. By cancelling or negative review, you ruin the relationship with that Psychic and therefore, the Psychic never wants to work with you again.

When a client ever asks me for a cancellation I never work with them again. I’ve had people offer me hundreds of dollars for a chance but I still say no lol


So the most of the time you pick up their energies… That is really nice.


Mine is 100% with or without 20 characters.


Same here (20 charssssssssssssssss)


Mine is also 100% but I’ve completed only 3 orders so far.


What kind of magician are you? :astonished:


It’s only for last 60 days, that’s all.


I get asked for things not included in what I offer a lot, long lists like I’m Santa Clause so I cancel those.


Now I understand, hahaha. :joy:


Mine is 100% right now.


Mine dropped to 81% - comes with the disadvantage of working in the SEO category, since nowadays everyone is or claims to be an SEO “expart”… it’s a niche where unfortunately many new sellers find many ways of tricking their buyers since SEO isn’t quite visible or palpable.

And it’s hard to give something to an SEO “expart” and make them happy since they claim to be experts and that they can do what you deliver them (which is why I don’t understand why they buy something they can do themselves?!)

It wasn’t like this back in the days though… good times, I remember…


Incredible, @writer99025 how you manage to have 100% completion score with so many sells?


99% But less orders…Trying hard…


I am proud to still have 100% :slight_smile:


Mine is also 94 %. I’ve had to cancel a few orders because of issues like the customer not filling out any of the requirements, or ordering my basic package, but saying they are looking for a higher word count. So, I’ve had to cancel and tell them to order premium gig.


Mine is 100%, with 8 orders completed.