What is your average response time? Mine is 1 hrs :)


My average response time is 1 Hour. Thanks to Fiverr Android & iOS app :slight_smile:

Please Share your average response time with screenshot.


Reply to @wpfalcon: Android, a Samsung Galaxy with an actual keyboard. It is a smartphone, and there was a time I was using my phone’s web browser to connect to Fiverr, but that doesn’t work well anymore.

What I do is I have my safari browser on private mode at work, so I check Fiverr on occasion during work hours.


Me too, 1 hour :slight_smile:


Reply to @hannaasfour: Gr8


Reply to @kjblynx: I know how hard is to keep 1 hour responsiveness, When you are a level 2 Seller :slight_smile:


C’mon guys, Please share your your average response time without hesitation :wink:


…5 hrs…but it’s been stuck at that for a year. I think it’s broken. :-?


mine is 1 day :smiley:

how actually it works, what is used to calculate it… for example, in last 15 days I am active very much on fiverr and replying messages and orders very fast but it didn’t move from 1 day… and it is written there “average last 30 days” so I suppose last 15 days should improve that average but it is still standing! :-((


One hour.


Me too one hour!


4hrs :frowning:


3 hours, I have a full-time job, so I can’t look at Fiverr every hour. The Fiverr app isn’t compatible on my phone either.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Which phone do you use?? Android or iOS


Reply to @kjblynx: ok, Sorry [-O<


Reply to @fastcopywriter: use fiverr app :slight_smile: search in android store


I have 2 hours. few days ago it was 1 hour. dont know why?

if anyone buys my gig and submits information then I have to message him or opening an seeing the sale is enough?


mine currently is 3hrs, want to really work on that to improve.


2 hours

dont think this makes much of an issue for buyers.