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What Is Your Average Selling Price?

Hi friends,

I was just checking my fiverr analytics and found that my average selling price is $60 :)>-

Just wondering what are your average selling prices are…

Post in the comments your average selling prices…

Looks a interesting subject to me…

Warm Regards,

Sahil :)>-


Reply to @danish_hanif: cool mate :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I saw your profile. You’ve 54 orders created but still you don’t get to level 2. Why is that?

I think it’s because of your rating or you’re reported. Don’t ever compromise over quality :slight_smile:

Reply to @danish_hanif: you can check my reviews mate… I work with my clients until they are satisfied…

It’s a Mystery that I am not a level 1 seller. I have completed around 38 orders. I think i just got a negative review at my starting days maybe that’s the cause … and you can see that I mainly do custom order.

What do you think mate?

Should I contact fiverr support ?


Reply to @mallika255: cool mallika :wink:

Reply to @imwithsahil: One gets Level 1 If he’s got excellent rating along with 10 CREATED orders. Moreover, Level 2 is on 50 orders within 2 months But you’ve got 54 CREATED orders so you must be Level 2 by now :slight_smile: You should contact fiverr support and they’ll tell you the exact reason.

Reply to @danish_hanif: yeah will do tomorrow



I’ve been at $13 my whole time here. Never seems to move one way or another.

A $60 average is awesome! Wow.

$60 is amazing!! I’m only at $10 right now.

$6…to add a zero to that sounds amazing, congratulations!

$10 here…

only $13 hehe

Reply to @sara1984: awesome :wink:

Reply to @authoreva: keep going :wink:

Reply to @mrspopplewell: thanks and wish you the same :slight_smile:

Reply to @mnsartstudio: keep working hard :wink:

Reply to @dandikumkum: you will also achieve there…

Congrats, my average selling price is $6. custom order will achieve that. keep making your money.