What is your best price?


I don’t know why some buyers insist on haggling. When I see a seller offering something for $10, I don’t haggle. I either hire him or hire the guy charging $5 or the guy charging $15 or $20. It really depends upon my needs.

Fiverr isn’t some bazar in Teheran where haggling is expected. In fact, haggling is pretty much a dead art outside of car dealerships and real estate. When you go to the doctor, do you haggle? No, he has his prices.

Let me show you what I mean:

"Hello, I need my linkdin profile to be looks good. I am wordpress developer / Freelancer. Let me know if you can do ? Regards Alkesh

-----You can order. That’s the obvious thing to do.

What is your best price

—That is my best price, if you’re a bargain hunter, order from someone else.

but what is the best price ?

----$10, the price you saw on the gig. Please, ORDER FROM SOMEONE ELSE. I do not haggle, and I have a feeling you’re gonna demand a revision, and then a refund. Why go through that? Just order from someone else. Bye.

----ok thanks


Maybe I should have told him that for a limited-time only, he can get a $50 LinkedIn Summary for the low low price of $10. I’m too honest for my own good.


You’re pretty straight forward with your replies :grinning:


You know, you could so easily have been a character from one of Ayn Rand’s novels… :relaxed:


Howard Roark…


I geev u best price… turrttyyy-fo-fitty…” - Russell Peters

Standup Comedy by Russell Peters:


BE A MAN! :joy:


Well, not Howard Roark, he never lost his cool. On the other hand, I rarely if ever make revisions. Roark never did, he believed in his ideas, even when he lost that bank commission and had to work in a quarry to support himself.

Ironically, now I’m reading a lot of Judge Dredd novels, and Dredd reminds me of Roark. Dredd only cares about justice, he never shoots people unless they deserve it. In one of his books, a man he didn’t shoot goes to prison, then comes back and does horrible things. The other justices are angry with Dredd, if he had only shot him instead of arresting him, a lot of lives would have been saved. Dredd doesn’t see it that way, it would have been unjust to shoot him then, so he didn’t do it. This time, he did.


Don’t know about Judge Dredd. Roark was a great character, but I liked Gail Wynand even more. I thought he was a better man. And in Atlas Shrugged, I admired Hank Rearden the most - he was a perfect man, more so than even John Galt. Rearden suffered the most, I think. I read those books when I was in my early 20s, after dropping out of college and after my father had just died… I still remember every character, scene, everything. They helped me survive a tough phase in my life and become a better man.


Gail did great things, but his only mistake was believing he controlled public opinion, which is why when he changed the direction of the paper, it was a disaster.

I’m glad the book helped you, it also helped me.


You have to laugh!! I think it’s funny how people want to bargain hunt on Fiverr. :smirk:

I have never asked anyone to lower their price here - I have on two occasions recommend that the seller up their price on a custom offer.

One was a gal on buyers request, she was new but I felt she deserved more - so it basically went from $5 to $10.


Can u up my price… :wink:


It’s just so amazing how one buyer is totally different from another.

I had this guy who made a $20 order, then he demanded a revision but was nice about it. At first I said no, but later I made him a great offer, if he would close the order, I would revise the job for $5. Not only he closed the job, he gave me a $5 tip. So I already did the revision even though he hasn’t accepted the custom offer yet. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve already been paid, plus, he gave me a 5-star review with no negative comments.

I wish all buyers could be like him.


That´s really fair and a nice trait. I had a buyer early on who asked me to write an offer with X €, it was more than my going price and € not $, so I thought he might have made a mistake and told him so, but it had been on purpose. I had written a sample translation for him, so he knew what to expect from my work. Totally made my day. :slight_smile:

Prices here on fiverr generally really are much lower than what you’d pay ‘out in the real world’ anyway, especially if you happen on a good seller, so I can´t quite get behind the haggling either, especially when it´s in the 5$ range, not sure in how far the haggling conversations on that aren´t costing those buyers more than they´d gain by the bargain lol.


That’s surprising, I know sellers get their money in their local currencies, but I thought the U.S. Dollar was the unit of all transactions.


Ah no, I can only write orders in $, he wanted to pay me X€, so I took the conversion rate and converted the amount to $ to send the offer :wink: I can choose that gig prices and all get displayed in €, but still can only send orders in $.
And I don´t get the money in local currency, I get $ into my PayPal, and PayPal charges me 2.5 % to get it to my bank account in €…so that´s 20% fee + 2.5 % conversion rate (or whatever rate the seller has to pay for conversion), sellers who can use $ are at an advantage there.


Generous buyers do exist. I had a lady who overpayed by $70 one time. When I pointed it out she told me to keep it as a tip.

It’s always nice to hear those stories :blush:


I love your response and I’m in the same boat. When more sellers charge a little more on Fiverr AND provide the value to match, everybody will do better.

If the first thing they ask about is lowering the pricing, or “I’ll send you lots of work…” I have my quick response all ready for them:

"Thanks for contacting me.

If price is your primary criteria, I’m the wrong Fiverr seller for you.

I’m really passionate about creating truly excellent audio. That requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work that most Fiverr VO artists don’t do, won’t do, or are not even aware of, so I’m not always the cheapest, but I will do a great job for you.

There are lots of inexperienced VO people on Fiverr that want experience, so they will provide great discounts and work cheap.

I’m focused on sellers who want high quality and their clients expect the best, plus understand that quality can require a little more investment, which returns maximum value.

All the best, I’m sure you’ll find some great VO providers on Fiverr.


Funny thing: Over half the time they order from me at my current rates. I don’t discount, and I’m building a huge collection of repeat buyers who appreciate my quality.

Cheap is not a defensible business in my mind, value is.


Exactly my thoughts on that. I hate when this happens and for me it’s immediately ‘deal off’. I don’t want to have anything to do with a client who is centuries behind.


Your answer is brilliant. Have you ever worked in advertising? You’re a master at office politics and negotiations. I’m going to copy part of your response and rewrite the rest, after all, I don’t do VO’s, although I can write them.


I like to haggle but I haggle upwards in price.


What about the ones that say “why do you charge so much, there are other sellers who
offer cheaper prices.”

…THEN GO ASK THEM! :sweat:

…and what do they say when I politely tell them that they can go find a cheaper person?

“But I like your work. But it’s too expensive.”

Thank you for liking my work. If you want to get it, you need to pay for it.
My prices are low already if I can say so myself, it took me 10 years to get to a point
where I can get certain things done in 10 minutes. I charge a certain amount for a reason. sigh…