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What is your best selling gig on Fiverr? [ARCHIVED]


I know most people have at least 5 or 20 gigs here. I have gigs that sell well and some that sell nothing.

Do not list your gig links here or the titles. I am sure that is against the forum rules (see Forum Do’s and Don’ts). I just mean to say in one sentence what your best selling gig is.

I will start off:

My best selling gigs are:

  1. My tweeting any messages or re-tweets to my 30,000+ Twitter users
  2. My blogging gigs where I write about your website on one of my 3 blogs including one for NY City
  3. I feature any blog on my blog network.


<b>Sheriff’s Note: Thank you for the interest in gigs and the encouragement for replies that did not include self-promotion. Since many sellers are unfortunately still adding self-promotion in their replies this thread has been moved to My Fiverr Gigs after having time for views in the original location.</b>


Tea leaf readings are by far my most popular gig - I’ve sold more of them than everything else put together. I think the novelty value helps.

The next best would be tarot readings. I think people have heard of that, as opposed to some of the other card readings I do like Lenormand and Aboukra readings that aren’t as well known, so they go with what they recognise.


My Data Entry Gig is my best selling gig on fiverr.


well, i do general graphic design, and this has been the only thing to sell so far. (That and my tip one xD;)

People don’t seem to differentiate between “This gig is MS Paint only” and "This gig is Photoshop only"

So i do what they ask anyway, LOL

I’m somewhat new, so I dont have any multiple-buyers on gigs, but i do have many repeat customers.


Reply to @madmoo: I have to check yours out. How did you manage to stay featured for that long?


Reply to @caiterz: Ah MS Paint. That pixel-bitmap yielding machine!


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks. I will check out all your foodie gigs. LOL


Cool Post.

I would have to say my Dual Video with Oranjegirl. I must say that her beauty is a selling point, lucky!

I on the other hand have to survive on using my Wit mwah!


Reply to @madmoo: I checked yours out, Madmoo, and I am tempted to order your spaghetti alphabet gig. I have my album selling on Fiverr (rock music) and may use your gigs.

Let me ask you: I have a song called Ginger Ale that I hired a woman on Fiverr to do a dialog. Instead of coffee, is it possible for you to do something with Ginger Ale? I would order your gig if you could. I see your gig that says “I’ll do anything”…Well, a Ginger Ale one is that weird request from me. Let me know.



Reply to @madmoo: Yeah, good luck! She is indeed beautiful.


Well since I only have one gig then I guess it would be that one :))


Reply to @madmoo: No, not alcohol…I didn’t say “ale” like beer. I said “ginger ale” like the soda. LOL


Reply to @hotwebideas: I love MS Paint! It has so much potential, even with non bitmap images… and noone uses it. xD

Photoshop and illustrator are great, but I like to do MS Paint as well, to be unique :3


Reply to @caiterz: I like MS Paint, but it is not very flexible with vector images. It only handles the raster images which works in some situations, but vector images are where the gold is. LOL


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Thanks OJ!


Reply to @madmoo: You have some interesting gigs. I finally got to look at your page. The fortune cookie gig is actually the one that caught my eye.


I would say that my best selling gig is the Singing Lesson one, and I already had some extras bought as well.


My best selling gig is ‘Making Presentation In your Deadline’ and ‘Do data entry work or transctibe your audio file’ :slight_smile:


Reply to @zero2026: Nice. I may take you up on your Fiverr gig. I could always use more singing lessons.


Reply to @dhanraj1994: I may order your transcribe audio file gig. Checking it out.